Construction supervision

Technical supervision of new buildings, buildings and structures under reconstruction and restoration, and representation of client’s interests in construction processes

Prior to construction

  • Control of compliance with requirements for design and commencement of construction
  • Evaluation of detailed design and projects related to organisation and carrying out construction works
  • Evaluation of calendar timetable for execution of construction works and timing of cash flows
  • Preparation and coordination of plan for construction supervision
  • Assessment of possible risks during construction and recommendations for their prevention

During construction

  • Representation of client's rights and interests during the construction process
  • Monitoring of construction process
  • Inspection of order, quality and compliance of construction works
  • Control of scope of the completed construction works
  • Control of conformity of construction products
  • Survey of construction site and taking photos during survey
  • Monitoring elemination of deficiencies discovered during inspections of construction site 

Final stage of construction

  • Supervision of construction site after completion of construction works until commissioning of the construction site
  • Monitoring and coordination of commissioning of structure
  • Monitoring of receipt of opinions necessary for commissioning of structure
  • Monitoring and control of preparation of documents necessary for commissioning of structure

Warranty period of construction

  • Development of a plan for control of fulfilment of warranty obligations
  • Survey of construction site, identification of defects, taking of photos, preparation of defect statement
  • Identification of causes of defects
  • Determination of relevance of defects with warranty of construction works
  • Recommendations related to elimination of defects
  • Control and monitoring of elimination of defects

as well as any other services under laws and regulations related to construction supervision
and client’s statement of work

Construction project management

Project management services in all construction stages, from the idea to the delivery

- Evaluation of construction ideas and optimisation proposals
- Preparation, management and monitoring of construction design
- Planning, preparation, organisation, management and monitoring of construction processes
- Organisation and management of construction tenders and requests for quotes
- Commissioning of construction site
- Monitoring of fulfilment of warranty obligations related to construction works

Construction consultancy, engineering consultancy

Professional consultancy in various issues related to construction design and construction process

  • Evaluation of construction idea
  • Construction planning
  • Documents necessary for receipt of construction permit
  • Consultancy in construction process, project management and construction supervision
  • Preparation of design orders, design requirements
  • Development, management and evaluation of detailed design
  • Organisation and management of construction tenders and requests for quotations

  • Engineering solutions and their optimisation
  • Preparation of documentation necessary for construction tenders
  • Selection of construction participants
  • Drafting and evaluation of construction agreements
  • Preparation and evaluation of scope and estimates of construction works
  • Construction finance consulting
  • Commissioning of structure
  • Technical survey of structures

Monitoring of use of funding allocated for construction works

Monitoring of use of the funding allocated for construction
on behalf of the lending bank

- Control of compliance with requirements for commencement
of construction and receipt of funding
- Evaluation of detailed design
- Consideration of construction estimates
- Survey of construction site and taking of photos
- Control of compliance with requirements for allocation of funding
for construction works
- Control of fulfilment of contractual obligations related to construction works

- Control of construction process
- Control of changes in funding schedule
Survey of construction site, taking of photos of completed construction works
- Control of execution of construction works (quality, scope and costs)
- Control of use of funding and its parts allocated for construction works
- Control of changes in detailed design, estimates and timetables
- Consultancy and recommendations
- Opinions

Services which include the monitoring of use of funding for construction works are provided according to statements of work prepared by lending banks
which may differ on a case by case basis

Technical survey

Assessment of technical condition of buildings, structures and their systems, preparation of opinions and providing recommendations

  • Preparation and coordination of statement of work of technical survey
  • Visual inspection of structure:
    •       Survey of construction structures
    •       Survey of engineering systems
  • Taking of photos during surveys
  • Inspection of operation of engineering systems
  • In-depth technical study of structure
  • Preparation of opinion after technical survey
  • Recommendations and consultations

Construction estimates

Calculation of construction costs necessary for implementation of a detailed design,
development and evaluation of estimates

- Approximate construction estimates or forecast of estimated costs (budget forecast)
- Recommendations for lowering costs of intended construction
- Preparation of scope of construction works and making related estimates on the basis of the developed construction design
- Development of control estimate for detailed design
- Development of construction estimate templates for the purpose of construction tender
- Evaluation of construction estimates presented in construction tenders
- Evaluation of estimates presented by parties carrying out construction works
- Recommendations for optimisation of estimates

Construction design

Development and coordination of detailed designs for production and logistics sites, cold stores and warehouses

  • Coordination of design order
  • Preparation of construction design
  • Management of construction design and coordination of development of detailed design
  • Development of minimal content of construction design and full detailed design
  • Development of specific parts of detailed design, coordination of their mutual correspondence
  • Development and optimisation of construction and engineering solutions
  • Coordination of developed detailed design
  • Making and coordinating changes in detailed design
  • Evaluation of detailed designs
  • Organisation of examination of detailed design
  • Field supervision of construction works
  • Consulting in construction design

Construction tenders

Preparation, organisation and management of construction tenders and requests for quotes

- Preparation and management of procedures for construction tenders
and requests for quotes
- Development of documentation for construction tenders
- Preparation of regulations, technical specifications and draft agreements
- Development of scope, estimate templates and control estimate of construction
- Provision of answers to questions of tenderers

- Evaluation of tenders submitted for construction and presentation of results
- Selection of a party to carry out construction works
- Drafting of construction agreements
- Organisation and management of procedure for conclusion
of construction agreements
- Consulting in construction tenders